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About Our Business

We founded Cancienne's Cajun Catering L.L.C with the idea of bringing our family's’ best recipes to you.

Whether you’re looking for the best food around for your Wedding, Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, Holiday Party, The Big Game, or just because, look no further than Cancienne’s Cajun Catering, LLC. With more than 20 years in the food industry and over 15 years of catering experience, Canceinne’s Cajun Catering is more than qualified to provide you with the expert service that you deserve.


Being born and raised on the lakes and bayous of South Louisiana, our deep Cajun roots are rich in culture and Southern Hospitality, as everyone we meet becomes a part of our family. We strive and take pride in serving you the freshest and best quality food around, cooked to perfection, home style, just like grandma does!

We specialize in using the freshest ingredients and old fashioned techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious, authentic and oh so satisfying.


Call or message us today "sha" to see what we can do for you.

Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner
Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner6
Doors Backdrop_Tables
Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner4
Sandwich Tray2
Fruit_Veg Display_Floral
Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner2
Sandwich Tray
Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner5
Fruit_Veg Display_nofloral
Cheese Tray
Fruit_Veg Display_Floral2
Buffet_Wedding Reharsal Dinner3
Egg Rolls
Fruit Tray2
Fruit Display2
Crawfish Pies
Fruit Display
Doors Backdrod with Long Table
Cookie Tray
Fruit Display_Tree
Taco Dip
Fruit Tray
Cajun Cabin3
Boudin Balls
Cajun Cabin
Cajun Cabin2
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